National Pharmacies

What’s the beginning of wisdom?


For over 100 years, National Pharmacies has been caring for our community. But in today’s very competitive market, National Pharmacies needed to find a new voice. Our challenge was to create a unique positioning that reinforced the value of membership, but also had mass appeal with the wider community.

Research confirmed that customers already considered National Pharmacies as caring and knowledgeable. That’s because everyday, hundreds of customers walk through their doors with health related questions. And walk out with a solution.

In essence, if you have the wonder, National Pharmacies have the wisdom to help.

So we brought this very notion to life through mainstream media.

The launch of the television campaign was supported with an extensive integrated campaign, including digital, online, outdoor and radio. It prompted people and families everywhere to wonder about their own health. Needless to say, response to the campaign has been nothing short of wonderful.

Where wonder meets wisdom.